Qatar Airways Running Out Of Cash


Qatar Airways CEO Mr. Akbar al-Baker made some headlines on Sunday when he told Reuters that the airline was running out of cash.

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Emirates and Etihad have both suspended operations, as are smaller airlines in the Gulf. Qatar Airways is pretty much the only airline still running a hub operation at the moment, although non-Qataris are not allowed to enter the country (transit is fine).

You can access Qatar Airways here.

Here’s an excerpt from Reuters (access their piece here):

Qatar Airways will continue to operate flights as long as necessary to get stranded travelers home, Chief Executive Akbar al-Baker told Reuters on Sunday, but warned that the carrier could soon run out of cash.

“We have enough cash to take us through a very short period of time,” he said in a phone interview.

He said the airline would eventually have to seek support from its owner, the Qatar government.


Mr. Akbar al-Baker is very good at making headlines. There is no way that the deep-pocketed Qatari government would allow the airline to collapse. Not sure why he even told Reuters that the airline was having cash flow issues?

Difficult to tell how profitable or money-losing the operations have been ever since the other GCC countries banned the airline using their airspace and airports

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