Whine Wednesday: Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Refuses Status Grace Period or Goodwill Upgrade For Members During COVID19


Our Whine Wednesday topic for this week is about Singapore Airlines Krisflyer and their apparent refusal to provide members with a grace period for status accrual or a goodwill amount of status miles.

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer is one of the few programs that doesn’t run by calendar year but a floating membership year dependent on the month of enrollment.

Apparently the Singapore flag carrier once more proves to be very difficult when it comes to problems which is something they are already known for. It’s all fine and dandy as long as everything goes according to plan but as soon as things go off track then it usually ends in disaster.

Our reader Sarah wrote us about her current situation with Singapore Airlines:


I have problem with SINGAPORE AIRLINES as my membership year ends soon and I will be unable to reach my 50k level for Krisflyer Gold as SQ, Changi and most other airlines have ceased operations and no longer allow passengers. My Los Angeles trip has also been cancelled which would have conveniently pushed me over the 50k to Gold.

Last week I contacted their membership service and requested a solution. Today they just replied me a one liner saying they can’t do anything. Should we accept this? I spent quite a bit of money on my flights last year. Their webform to send a message is also defective and bounces. I attach a screenshot of my account.

According to the account details attached the membership year ends on April 30th:

Here the email correspondence as the reader included it:

March 23rd:

Dear all,

I’d like to inquire about SIA KrisFlyer relief efforts for program members during these times where it’s impossible to take any flights be it on Star Alliance or even Singapore Airlines.

I was just informed that I can no longer transit at Changi Airport on the way to/from Bangkok and will now be stuck here in North America for the foreseeable future until services and transit privileges resume.

My membership year ends on April 30th and I’m already at ~42,000 miles towards my Gold status. Could you please update me regarding a grace period or goodwill upgrade. It’s impossible to earn any miles in the next few weeks while this is still going on.

The reply from Singapore Airlines:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your email of 23 Mar 2020 to Singapore Airlines.

Regarding your enquiry about your KrisFlyer account XXXXX9615, we have forwarded your email to relevant department on this matter. We shall get back to you for any updated information.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Three days later a negative reply:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please kindly be informed that we are unable to extend the period of Qualification to higher tier.

However, please kindly advise if you have any plan in the near future.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Nutcharee S.
Singapore Airlines Limited
31st  Floor, Sathorn Square Office Tower
98 North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak,
Bangkok 10500,Thailand

I’m not sure what to say about this reply other than that it’s pretty grotesque how Singapore Airlines treats their members in this current situation, not at least because their own government and quasi management has pretty much shut the entire shop.

We previously reported about KrisFlyer extending status for select members but this apparently only concerned those located in Singapore.

Since then and as of last month Singapore has been completely sealed off including no longer allowing transit passengers and grounding most of the Singapore Airlines fleet, cutting capacity by 96%.

On what basis is Singapore Airlines now requiring their customers to complete the entire alotment of the membership status requirement? Apparently the Silver status of this reader hasn’t been extended either.

Other airlines with a floating membership year such as British Airways Executive Club have lowered the required tier points by 30% for those members who are ending their year in March/April/May.

We have contacted Singapore Airlines media relations for a reply but haven’t received an answer as of today.


Singapore Airlines has always been difficult as mentioned. I can’t remember a single positive instance when contacting them about solving a problem. This case is another example that SIA isn’t really customer focused even though a large part of this issue is home made by shutting down pretty much the entire airline and banning transit passengers.

Is Singapore Airlines Kris Flyer really not putting any relief program in place for their international members? They will need every passenger to start spending money again once flights resume and I doubt many will come back with such treatment.