Emirates Resumes Limited Passenger Services From April 6, 2020

United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced last week that all passenger services at the country’s airports such as Dubai (DXB) and Abu Dhabi (AUH) would be suspended for two weeks.

Emirates Reducing US Frequencies

Emirates, Etihad, and other UAE based airlines grounded their entire fleets, excluding cargo and repatriation flights. Now, Emirates has received an approval to restart limited passenger services on April 6, 2020.

You can access Emirates here.

The airline will initially transport passenger from UAE to select European destinations such as London, Frankfurt, and Paris, and would fly back only with crew and cargo.

The airlines have canceled all passenger services through the end of April per GDS information. Emirates, however, has availability from/to Dubai to select destinations starting on May 1.

Emirates CEO released the following statement on Twitter:

Emirates has received approval from UAE authorities to start flying a limited number of passenger flights. From 06 April, these flights will initially carry travellers outbound from the UAE. Details will be announced soon.

Over time, @Emirates looks forward to the gradual resumption of passenger services in line with lifting of travel & operational restrictions, including assurance of health measures to safeguard our people & customers. Their safety & well-being will always be our top priority.

Here’s an excerpt from the National (access their piece here):

Speaking to Al Arabiya, Adel Al Rida, executive director of operations at Emirates, said the airline planned to first operate flights to European centres, including London, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich and Brussels. Other countries would follow, pending their approval.

The airline would operate 10 to 15 flights daily, he said, depending on permissions from foreign countries as well as passenger demand.

The flights will be one-way to return expatriates to their homes, and the return leg to Dubai will likely initially carry cargo only.


Qatar Airways has been flying through its hub in Doha to several destinations around the world, proving much-needed connectivity that has dried up.

Let’s hope that Emirates and Etihad can soon restart their operations and that UAE reopens the country to visitors.

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