LATAM Pass Extends Elite Tiers By 12 Months

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LATAM, Oneworld member that is exiting the alliance on May 1 to team up with Delta, has extended the elite status by 12 months for members of its LATAM Pass program.

LATAM has sent out notification to members whose status has been extended (should be all), and it should be already visible via app or on their website.

You can access LATAM here.

Here’s message that a reader forwarded to us:

LATAM Pass Status Extension


LATAM and Delta already launched their frequent flier partnership on April 1 (read more here), and Oneworld exit is just around the corner on May 1 (read more here).

It is unclear what benefits if any LATAM Pass members can expect to receive with most Oneworld Alliance carriers excluding American next month.

LATAM indicated that they would continue frequent flier partnership with most, but the depth of these deals are unknown, and airlines have more pressing issues on hand currently.

Good, nevertheless, that the airline has decided to extend the member tiers by full 12 months.