Marriott Bonvoy Closes Its Insiders Website With 1 Day Advance Notice


Marriott Bonvoy has operated Insiders-website/forum/blog for years where members can discuss their experiences, promotions, and post reviews of their stays.

Marriott Bonvoy Insiders

Marriott this week decided to pull the plug and gave one-day advance notice that the website would become read-only and deleted on July 1, 2020.

You can access Marriott Insiders here.

Here’s the announcement that Marriott has posted on the website:

For several months, we have been evaluating the best community platform to transform Marriott Bonvoy Insiders into a more contemporary experience.

Last fall, we conducted a survey, asking for your feedback on how Insiders can be improved. You told us that you wanted a community platform that was reliable, easy to navigate, and accessible from your smart phones.

After an exhaustive review of the available options, we concluded that Facebook Groups offers the best experience for Insiders. So, we will be moving the Marriott Bonvoy Insiders community to a new Marriott Bonvoy Insiders Facebook Group on Friday, April 3.

We understand that this news may be disappointing to some of you, but please know that we’ve ensured that the newly created Insiders Facebook Group will function much like Insiders does today. It’s a place for you to connect with other like-minded members about our travel program. It’s also a place where we continue to welcome your valuable feedback on Marriott Bonvoy. The same Insiders Community Managers will continue to provide support in the Insiders Facebook Group.

Join us in your new Insiders Facebook Group here. We invite you to continue building a strong and engaged community in this new space and can’t wait to welcome you there!

Thank you so much for your loyalty and support over the last 10+ years of Marriott Bonvoy Insiders. Hope you and your families are staying safe and well.

-Community Managers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are you changing Insiders?

We’ve known for a long time that the current Insiders platform has been unreliable and was no longer reflective of the exemplary experience we wanted to provide you, as some of our most loyal members. This decision was made after several months of evaluating alternative community platforms.

Will Insiders be back?

There are no plans to bring Insiders back at this time.

Will content on the site be available after April 3?

Yes, you can go back and reference old content until July 1, 2020. After this time, the site will go “dark.” Before then, please save any content you don’t want to lose.

Can anyone join this Facebook Group?

The Group will be private for the time being, meaning that only members can see who’s in the group and what they post. Any Facebook user can apply to join, and the Community Managers will be responsible for approving or rejecting members.

Will there still be customer care support on the Group?

The Insiders Community Managers will continue to support the Insiders in the Facebook Group. Find all support options here:

What if I don’t have a Facebook/don’t want a Facebook account?

We understand that this solution may not work for every member. We hope to develop more community spaces for our members in future.


The closure of Marriott Insiders (not so) surprisingly takes place within a month that COVID-19 became worldwide pandemic causing havoc with hotelier’s finances.

Marriott is discontinuing all programs not essential for their short-term survival under $10B debt load.

Facebook Groups is a free option. It is sometimes mind-boggling how much these corporations pay for simple IT solutions such as this Insiders website.

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