British Airways Executive Club Certificate Extensions Processed

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British Airways announced the other week (read more here) about what it was doing now for Executive Club members due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The airline is giving tier points enough to retain status for three months for members whose membership year was about to end (BA uses rolling year). This, however, is not enough considering that many airlines such as United (read more here), Delta (read more here), and Air Canada (read more here) are extending everyone by a year.

You can access British Airways here.

Here’s an email that came from BA:


British Airways has extended the three open certificates by six months that they always do by request hen you have certificates that are about to expire.


I tend not to have use for three all BA certs per year due to limitations in using them, and some always expire, but they are nice to have nevertheless.

The most recent use was for an award ticket from Rio de Janeiro to Johannesburg with a stopover in London. I used “joker” to open award availability in World Traveler Plus (BA’s Premium Economy) and then upgraded to business (handy that you can use them even for awards). The certificate would have upgraded return too, but this ticket was for one-way (I rarely do traditional returns).

British Airways should just extend everyone by a year like they have done to some members previously that were caught on BA’s labor disputes and IT failures.