Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status Upgrades (Just For Asking)


Marriott Rewards had a long tradition of extending member statuses based on some sort of rolling count, even when nights dropped below the official qualification criteria in any given year.

Hong Kong Conrad & JW Marriott

When we published a piece about Marriott’s updated COVID-19 policies (read more here), a reader noted that his status had been extended through the end of the year for merely asking due to being a member with good standing for a while.

You can access Marriott Bonvoy here.

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Here’s the DM that the reader received from Marriott Assist on Twitter:

Marriott’s status downgrades took place last month:

Marriott Is Lastly Updating (Downgrading) Members Accounts Based On 2019 Activity: Check Your Status!

Marriott Bonvoy Ambassador

Marriott Bonvoy Status Downgrade & Soft Landing Blunder

And here’s what Hilton Honors did:

Hilton Honors Waldorf

Hilton Honors 2019 & 2020 Status Extensions Due To COVID-19 Pandemic


I benefited from the rolling elite status extensions for perhaps three to four years in the late 2000s/early 2010s after I had had few years with 150+ nights.

It doesn’t hurt to ask Marriott Bonvoy to up your status if you were Platinum or higher for multiple years and just downgraded the other week. The worst they can say is now.

You have to keep in mind that Hilton Honors extended even those (read more here) that didn’t qualify in 2019 (had qualified back in 2018) through March 2021. Marriott is the only one that hasn’t announced their loyalty program’s response to the current pandemic.

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