American Airlines AAdvantage Enhances Alaska Earnings

American Airlines and Alaska Airlines announced back in February (read more here) that Alaska would join the Oneworld Alliance in the summer of 2021. They enabled earning miles on each other’s flights on April 1 (read more here).

There was a disparity between earning Alaska Miles on American and AAdvantage miles on Alaska. Mileage Plan members had rich earnings and elite bonuses for AA flights, while this was not the case the other way around. American has now partially fixed it. 

You can access AA’s partner page for Alaska here and Alaska’s for AA here.

Updated American Airlines AAdvantage Alaska Airlines earning chart:

AAdvantage members can now earn elite qualifying miles, dollars, and segments on Alaska Airlines flights. You won’t earn, however, elite bonus miles.

Previous American Airlines AAdvantage Alaska Airlines earning chart:

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan American Airlines earning chart:

Mileage Plan members, however, do earn elite bonus also on American Airlines flights.


I guess that AAdvantage members won’t earn elite bonus miles on Alaska flights before the latter becomes Oneworld Alliance member in the Summer of 2021.

It is interesting to see how this joining of Oneworld Alliance is affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic? You would think that airlines have more pressing issues to deal with right now, such as staying afloat.