Marriott Arne Sorenson’s COVID-19 Response (April 8, 2020)


Marriott was late coming up with coronavirus response back in March (read more here, here, here and here) and was last of the significant chains extending member tiers through 2022, which Sebastian already covered (read more here).

Marriott has sent out an email to most Bonvoy members today signed by the CEO Mr. Arnde Sorenson that we have on its entirety below.

You can access Marriott’s page for COVID-19 here.

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Here’s the email:

Marriott Bonvoy’s current COVID-19 reservation waiver:

Marriott Copenhagen

Marriott Updates COVID-19 Cancellation Policy (April 6, 2020)

Elite status extensions:

Last But Not Least: Marriott Bonvoy Extends Elite Status Levels Through February 2022


The email is not clear whether the hotel closures are in the hundreds or, what I would expect them to be currently, thousands considering how many have temporarily suspended their operations due to lack of business.

I don’t expect this to be the last of Mr. Sonerson’s emails to program members due to this on-going coronavirus (COVID-19) nightmare that has temporarily grounded the entire hospitality industry, and put many highly leveraged hotel owners, REITs, and chains into peril.