Surprise 10,000 Yen Mastercard Cashback For Hyatt Stay?


One of the credit cards that I carry and use is a Mastercard issued by HSBC in Hong Kong to my Premier account.

There have sometimes been weird small refunds posted to the card after I have swiped it at some retailers in Australia, but I was surprised to receive 10,000 yen refund for my recent charge.

Here’s what posted to my account:


  • Mc stands for Mastercard
  • cashback is a cash rebate that was credited to my account
  • hyattregency is Hyatt’s Regency-brand


I made quite a few Google searches and explored Mastercard’s website to see what offers they may have for World (mine is not World Elite) cardholders in Asia-Pacific. I could not, however, find any Hyatt related promotions.

It is evident that this credit is for my recent charge at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Kyoto. I certainly would love to find out where all these Mastercard offers are listed so I could use them.