United Airlines Faces Class Action Lawsuit Due To Illegally Denied Refunds


Many airlines have been very deceitful, if not engaged in fraudulent activity, with customer tickets when they have canceled or significantly changed flight times, implying that passengers are only eligible for vouchers or reschedule flights instead of refunds. .

DOT made very clear to airlines that they need to provide PROMPT REFUNDS for flights to/from/via the United States (read more here), and European Union also reiterated that refunds per EC 261/2004 are in force too (read more here).

United Airlines was sued on Monday for failing to provide refunds and trying to force passengers illegally to accept vouchers. The lawyer seeks to get the court to take this as a class action.

Here are the best parts:

Here’s the entire lawsuit:

Download (PDF, 1.48MB)

Here’s DOT’s enforcement notice:

U.S. DOT Reminds Airlines To Process Refunds

EU’s notice to airlines:

European Union EC 261/2004 Legislation & Coronavirus Pandemic


This may be the first but definitely won’t be the last class action lawsuit due to airlines’ fraudulent behavior of not offering or providing refunds promptly that they are required to for canceled and/or significantly retimed flights.

If I miss a or cannot take a non-refundable flight, the money in most cases is gone, and I don’t have an issue with it. I just throw away the ticket and buy a new one if needed.

I do have an issue, however, if an airline cancels or significantly reschedules a flight and tries to force you to accept a credit voucher.

Airlines cannot have it both ways.