Orbitz Fraudulent Emails Regarding Airlines Credits (No Words About Refunds)


U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) released a strongly worded Enforcement Notice last week (read more here) reminding airlines to offer and process refunds for canceled and delayed flights to/from/within the United States.

European Union also reminded airlines (read more here) the other week that refunds for canceled flights do apply according to the EC 261/2004. Some airlines and OTAs (online travel agents), however, try to act like refunds don’t exist, such as Expedia owned Orbitz.

Here’s the email received from Orbitz:

This was for British Airways return ticket from Europe to the U.S. Both EC 261/2004 and DOT rules apply.

Orbitz, however, tries to make it sound like they are doing us a favor with British Airways when it comes to this AIRLINE CREDIT even when it is fully eligible for a REFUND.

It is clear that Expedia’s intent here is to mislead consumers what they are entitled to.

United Airlines is always facing a class-action lawsuit due to not refunding eligible tickets:

United Airlines Faces Class Action Lawsuit Due To Illegally Denied Refunds

DOT’s message to the airlines:

U.S. DOT Reminds Airlines To Process Refunds

E.U.’s reminder to airlines that refunds per EC 261/2004 apply:

European Union EC 261/2004 Legislation & Coronavirus Pandemic


Orbitz here clearly acts unlawfully, pretending that REFUNDS don’t exist. If you call them and happen to get through, they tell you that they need to get a waiver code from British Airways to issue a refund.

Many airlines have instructed agents not to process any refunds, and this is likely the case with British Airways. BA’s trade support is based in India that is currently in lockdown.

I genuinely hope that Expedia and companies owned by them get sued for not obeying laws both in the United States and the European Union. They illegally try to prevent consumers from getting refunds for flights that airlines have canceled.

Utterly disgusting and unlawful behavior by Expedia owned company.

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