Message From British Airways CEO Mr. Alex Cruz


British Airways sent out an email on Thursday to its Executive Club members in the UK and also released an inspirational video.

The airline has been quiet about Executive Club tier renewals, unlike its counterparts in North America, that have simply extended everyone’s status by a year.

You can access BA here.

Here’s the email that BA sent out:

And here’s the video that the airline released:


Not sure where Mr. Alex Cruz was hibernating for the past few weeks? In a chalet somewhere in the Spanish Mediterranean?

British Airways, despite its name, is owned by a Spanish company IAG, International Airlines Group.

Both the email and the Youtube video are more mood-lifting that providing any hard information on how the airline will soldier forward once travel and entry bans have been lifted.

It won’t help that one of the bond rating agencies, Fitch, downgraded British Airways into junk that prevents many funds from buying them.