KLM Now Offers Cash Refunds In The US


KLM has had a sudden change of heart after reading the U.S. Department of Transportation strongly-worded Enforcement Notice (read more here) and is now offering cash refunds for those in the United States.

The airline has tried unlawfully force flying public to accept IOUs (credits) that could be used towards airfare purchases in the future over a limited time.

You can access KLM here.

Here’s a copy of the email that the airline has sent out:

Here’s the DOT’s Enforcement Notice:

U.S. DOT Reminds Airlines To Process Refunds

And EU’s:

European Union EC 261/2004 Legislation & Coronavirus Pandemic


EU also reminded airlines that refunds for flights that are canceled and duty to care do apply even during the current pandemic (read more here). Airlines just don’t need to pay compensation for delayed and canceled flights.

It is regrettable how airlines have tried to play passengers and force them to accept unsecured debt vouchers that are worthless if the airline collapses. You should always choose cash that you can use to pay for any future travel or other expense.