United Leadership To Employees: Cuts Are On Their Way

Most US airlines and the government came into an agreement about a $25B bailout this week (read more here) that partially covers keeping staff employed (no pink slips or furloughs) through September 30, 2020.

United expects to operate roughly 10% of its planned schedule for May and June. The passenger demand has collapsed even further – approximately 97% due to lockdowns, travel restrictions, and bans in place.

You can access United’s announcement here.

Here’s the message from United to employees:


I was pointing out on the piece yesterday (read more here) that there is zero chance that the airlines would keep all the staff on payroll that they don’t need past September 30, 2020, when the US government’s payroll support ends.

United on the message above is clear that there will be a considerable number of employees fired and/or furloughed effective October 1, 2020.

It is telling that United knew that this message to the employees would leak to the press and released it on their media center (wise move).