Reader Email: IHG Closes Account With 1.8M Points?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us an email about IHG closing his IHG Rewards Club account with 1,800,000 points.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

IHG closed my account claiming I acted against their T&C in a way that is considered fraudulent. More details here:

And one of the members mentioned that you had contacts and might help me to find out why. Any help is appreciated

I had 1.8m points in my account and 2 free nighst certs and one Ambassador Weekend Night Cert ….. worth a lot of $ (especially as I bought the points over the years through IHG).

They locked it and then closed it without telling me what is going on. The email is very upsetting (response to my request to give me more info).

I asked from the reader if there had been any unusual activity:

Not that I am aware of. The things recently were:

– cancelling a Japan trip (had cash upgrade agreements with some hotels) but gave them two month notice

– asking for Chase free night extension

– repeatedly had to ask for my 10% Ambassador Renewal Points back

– an 8 night stay where my wife checked in and I joined her after the first night (added her a second guest and informed the hotel beforehand).

Especially nothing “fraudulent” which I think would be selling points or selling reservations on the Internet or …..

Here’s the response that the reader had received from the IHG:

Thank you for the email, and I apologize this continues to be a source of frustration for you.

While IHG understands your request for more information, IHG’s decision to close your IHG Rewards Club account remains, as pursuant to the IHG Rewards Club Global Membership Terms & Conditions ( I have included Section # 7 of our general Terms below for your records.

As advised previously, the decision to close your account and permanently suspend your ability to participate in the program by any means in the future is final. IHG considers this matter closed and any new correspondence will go unanswered.

We received a short statement from the IHG spokesperson:

We do not comment on individual member accounts. However, we take pride in creating a program that provides excellent opportunities for our members to earn and redeem IHG Rewards Club points. Our Terms and Conditions enable us to do so consistently and to protect the program for the benefit of our more than 100 million enrolled members around the world.

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The IHG Rewards Club (and previously Priority Club) were aggressive at suspending accounts that had registered for multiple overlapping promotions back in the early/mid-2010s. There haven’t been many reports as of late about IHG accusing members of fraud and closing their accounts.

The reader is from the United States. If there has not been fraudulent activity (based on the information that was sent to us – I don’t see any), he always has the avenue of taking IHG Hotels & Resorts into small claims court. The value of 1.8M points is conservatively $10,800 that could be a ballpark figure for the amount sued (could be over the small claims limit in some states).

I hope that he keeps us informed of his next steps and what will come out of this.