UK Plans To Institute Two-Week Quarantine For Incoming Passengers


The UK government is planning to institute a two-week quarantine requirement for all incoming passengers as early as next month, according to the British press.

The quarantine would also apply to citizens that would need to self-isolate. The government intends to discourage foreign travel.

Here’s an excerpt from the Telegraph (access their piece here):

Passengers arriving at British airports and ports will be placed in quarantine for up to a fortnight, under plans for the “second phase” of the Government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The plan to quarantine passengers arriving in the UK would involve authorities requiring travellers to fill out a specific landing card which would ask for information about the individual’s health, as well as details of the address at which they will self-isolate.

Officials are planning a worldwide communications campaign to warn passengers of the measures that they can expect if they come to the country. It would be likely to dissuade many of those already in the country from travelling abroad, on the basis that they are unable or unwilling to self-isolate for two weeks, as well as deterring travellers from abroad.


I was surprised to learn that there is no quarantine requirement for arrivals in the UK, considering the situation on the ground and social distancing rules in place.

Not sure what this quarantine would do? The Covid-19 is widespread in the UK as the country was following the herd immunity path. Has the Prime Minister had a change of heart after going through and surviving the virus by himself?