Surgical Mask Box As Hotel Amenity?


Those of us who are still on the road are often facing hotels that are suspending operations or with limited facilities open.

I was quite surprised, however, when the other week, I was presented with a box of surgical masks when checking into Westin Kyoto (now closed) as a gift.

Just a few weeks ago you would receive bottles of champagne and fruit plates as an amenity:


Many governments suggest that you wear a mask when outside to lower the potential spread of Covid-19 by asymptomatic people. This has been quite a common sight even before this latest outbreak in Japan during the winter months.

These surgical masks have been quite challenging to purchase lately, and getting a box from a hotel is certainly a nice gesture.

And all those bottles of champagne? I prefer a good fruit plate as I haven’t had a glass of adult beverages for close to three years now.