ANA Mileage Club Status Extensions Due To Covid-19


Japan Airlines and ANA have been quiet when it comes to tier extensions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, unlike many other airlines.

Now, ANA has sent out an email to some members informing that Mileage Club tiers would be extended by 12 months.

You can access ANA’s Covid-19 status information page here.

Here’s part of the email that ANA sent out:

AMC Premium Member Status Extensions

I appreciate your continued loyalty and faith in ANA and we have decided to extend your current AMC Premium Member Status through 2021 (April 2021-March 2022). More information will follow to those eligible AMC Premium Status Members at a later date.

Here’s information on ANA’s website (Google translate from Japanese):

Due to the recent circumstances, we have received many voices who are worried about the premium service status of 2021.
For customers who have status as a member of “Diamond Service”, “Platinum Service”, and “Bronze Service” in FY2020, we would like to deliver the peace of mind to our important customers. ) Will continue to provide the same status.

  • If you obtain a higher status from fiscal 2020 due to the usage results from January to December 2020, the higher status will be applied as the status of fiscal 2021.

Some of the premium services and benefits offered may not be applicable. Details will be announced later on our website.

Here’s the entire email:


Let’s see how long it will take for JAL Mileage Bank to come up with a similar status extension policy.

It is unclear from ANA’s email and the information that is on Japanese what are these premium services and benefits that may not be applicable for members receiving a status extension. I assume that we will know shortly.

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