Select EU Countries Want Commission To Allow Airlines To Issues Vouchers


European Union issued a reminder (read more here) to airlines in March that EC 261/2004 refund policy for canceled flights does apply during this Covid-19 pandemic.

The U.S. regulator issued strongly worded enforcement (read more here) notice that airlines are required to provide refunds, not only vouchers, in case of canceled flights to/from/via the United States.

Now, select European Union countries would want the Commission to change the rule allowing airlines to choose the way they refund canceled flights (read vouchers).

Here’s the statement released by the group:

US DOT reminds airlines to process refunds:

U.S. DOT Reminds Airlines To Process Refunds

Here’s the statement from the E.U. month ago:

European Union EC 261/2004 Legislation & Coronavirus Pandemic

IATA CEO would like governments to force vouchers:


IATA CEO Wants Governments To Force Vouchers Instead Of Refunds


EU countries are free to prop up their failing airlines during this crisis (usually states are not allowed to recapitalize weak businesses by the group’s rules).

EU citizens have paid many billions of euros for flights that are not going to take place. Why should consumers bear the risks of these businesses?

Not only do these airlines want to get bailouts from their respective governments while at the same time screwing passengers who are not getting their refunds.

When did capitalism turn into communism? Profits are private while all the losses are socialized?

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