American Airlines AAdvantage 25% Transfer Bonus When Converting World of Hyatt Points To Miles


American Airlines has a new transfer bonus campaign, adding a 25% bonus when World of Hyatt members convert their hotel points to AAdvantage miles until the end of May.

The promotion is valid until May 31, 2020 though it’s recommended to make an exact calculation if the value of transferring Hyatt points out to airline miles is really a good deal.

World of Hyatt points are most valuable when they’re actually used within their own program – for hotels – but as always there are exceptions to the rule that depend pretty on the requirements of the member.

You can find details about this latest promotion on American Airlines website here.

The World of Hyatt points can be transferred here and require a monimum amount of 5000 points to be converted to American AAdvantage:

5,000 Hyatt Points -> 2,000 AAdvantage Miles + 25% Bonus = 2,500 Miles

The transfers have to be initiated by May 31st in order to receive the bonus miles for the conversions.

Does such a transfer really make sense?

That all depends what Hyatt points are worth to the member, how many points a member has and to put them in relation as in comparing hotel award to miles awards.

You can stay at a luxury hotel that costs upward of $1000 per night for 30k points per night while that same amount of points would only get you 15,000 AAdvantage miles. These miles can usually be purchased directly for roughly $400. These are both optimal values of course.


If you have a large amount of Hyatt points laying around with a specific flight redemption in mind where you feel that a good or at least acceptable return is possible then a transfer could make sense.

I would not recommend to take advantage of this transfer bonus without a clear plan on how to use the miles as I consider Hyatt points to be more valuable than AAdvantage miles. Better keep them in the account until an opportunity arises to use them one way or the other.

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