Rapid Covid-19 Tests Available At Vienna Airport For €€€


Vienna Airport on Sunday announced that Covid-19 PCR tests are made available at the airport for arrival passengers and everybody who would like to pay for one.

Passengers arriving in Austria are required to quarantine for 14 days unless they can provide a negative coronavirus test done within the past for days. Passengers that take this new test costing 190 euros are not required to quarantine if the result is negative (you will find out in 2 to 3 hours).

You can access the Vienna Airport page for travel information here.

Here’s the announcement from the Vienna Airport (Google translate):


Due to the current situation, strict regulations apply to entry into Austria – whether by land or air – to curb the spread of the Covid 19 virus and to protect travelers and the population from being infected. Passengers who are currently arriving at Vienna Airport must either present a health certificate with a negative Covid 19 result (not older than 4 days) or enter a 14-day quarantine according to the applicable official regulations upon entry. In cooperation with Confidence DNA Analyzes GmbH, Vienna Airport will be offering from Monday, May 4, 2020

The opportunity to do a molecular biological Covid-19 test (PCR test) directly at the airport. The result is available within about 3 hours: If the result is negative, the passenger does not have to go into quarantine every 14 days after arrival in Austria. A quarantine that has already started can also be ended prematurely. The implementation is done in the PCR test quickly and easily: customers agree directly with the Confidence DNA Analysis GmbH under the telephone number (+43) 1 368 45 54 (German and English) or via e-mail to office@confidence.at

an appointment.The laboratory is located in Office Park 3 (ground floor) at Vienna Airport and can be accessed via a street-side access. If the  Covid 19 result is negative, no quarantine has to be started and customers receive a so-called health certificate. Passengers departing from Vienna also receive a document with the health certificate, which, depending on the entry requirements and subject to the approval of the national authorities at the travel destination, can also be used to prove their corona freedom for entry there. Travelers are definitely advised to check the current prior to departure

To inform entry and health regulations in the respective countries. Please take note of the following guidelines:

  • The range of tests is not only available to passengers at Vienna Airport, but to anyone interested
  • The PCR tests serve to detect a current Covid-19 infection . The result is a snapshot, a later illness cannot be excluded.
  • For PCR tests, samples are taken either deep in the throat or in the nasal cavity.
  • In order to avoid closer contact between customers, an appointment is required at the telephone number (+43) 1 368 45 54 (German and English) or via email to office@confidence.at directly from Confidence DNA Analyzes GmbH. Customers can also use this contact information to obtain all further information on testing.
  • Confidence DNA Analysten GmbH charges customers an amount of € 190 for this private service.
  • The findings are available after about 3 hours (personal acceptance or digital / postal delivery of the findings possible).
  • If the result is positive, Confidence DNA Analyzes GmbH will inform customers immediately by phone. This positive test must also be reported according to official requirements.
  • Customers who had symptoms of Covid-19 themselves (e.g. fever, cough) or had contact with a possibly ill person should stay at home and contact the health hotline at 1450. Tests are only carried out on people without symptoms or without contact with a person who may be ill with Covid-19.


There are issues with rapid tests that may yield both false-negatives and positives, although the latter is more common with these Covid-19 ones. Also, if you have been recently infected, the tests won’t likely pick it up.

Taking this test at the airport does make sense for those arriving in Austria on business or returning to their home. You don’t have to spend the following 14 days in quarantine.

The same laboratory appears to specialize in paternity tests in Austria. They must have found a new line of business to collect some cash! Let’s see if other airports are going to offer similar services at a premium price.