Spain’s External Borders To Stay Closed Until October?


Spanish Government issued guidelines this past week how they are going to relax the lockdown in phases starting this week, unfortunately, bad news for those wishing to visit the country this summer.


Citizens were allowed to walk outside on Saturday for the first time since the lockdown was instituted 48 days ago. The government, however, expects to keep Spain’s external borders closed until October, not allowing tourists to enter the country during Europe’s busiest summer vacation months of July, August, and September.

Here’s an excerpt from the El Economista (Google translate – access their piece here):

After determining the stages in which there will be a return to “a new normal” , the Government has issued an “indicative timetable” on the dates and measures that will be taken as the fight against the coronavirus progresses.

This is what the Government contemplates in a text that stipulates the closure of borders until autumn, despite the fact that the “new normal” should have fully entered by then. In this way, people from other countries will not be able to enter during the key months of July, August and September, nor will Spaniards go abroad unless a sanitary certificate is provided.

An EU that from Brussels has a different idea although all the scenarios are studied these days. The Commission believes that member states should soon lift restrictions on the movement of people between the countries of the EU itself and also open their land borders.


It remains to be seen whether the Schengen countries can come up with a coherent policy to open up the internal borders first before allowing non-citizens in.

This has been the goal of the European Union but not sure if it is possible as countries are differently affected by and in different stages of the pandemic.

There could always be second and third waves coming after the summer months before we have vaccine available or herd immunity reached, hopefully by the second half of 2021.

These restrictions likely in place in Spain don’t bode well for travel within and to Europe this summer.