Elite Status Extensions Due To Covid-19 Pandemic

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Most airlines, hotels, and car rental loyalty programs have come up with their status extension policies due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Conrad Bora Bora Nui Update

Some companies were first lowering their qualification requirements for 2020, while others introduced policies for members in the Greater China area that were first infected with the virus. Now, most companies have decided that the best course of action is to extend by 12 months.

You can access our page for Covid-19 extensions here (we update this when changes take place):

Note that please let us know (email us here) if we have missed any so that we can update the list.

Here are the current policies:

Tokyo 2020 Japan Airlines

Airline Frequent Flyer Programs

Hotels Loyalty Programs:

Car Rental Programs:


Depending on how long it takes for the coronavirus to go through the population (multiple waves) or vaccine is found (in both cases herd immunity), we may face 18 to 24 months (total) of travel challenges due to travel and entry bans. We are not even halfway yet (4 months).

What I am trying to say here, is that extending the member tiers by a year may not end up being enough due to how long it takes for this Covid-19 to play out. Eventually, it will, and we will again be complaining about pre-departure beverages and barefoot people on the planes.

If we have missed any travel-related status extensions, just drop us an email. We will continuously update and write new pieces about changes.

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