Success: Getting Exception From Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer For Tier Upgrade To Gold With 42,000 Status Miles


Several weeks ago I wrote about a readers dispute with Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer who was stuck at 42k Status miles six weeks before membership year ended and Singapore shut down both airport and pretty much the entire airline.

The reader had inquired about a grace period of reduction of mileage requirement but was rejected several times so I decided to look at this case closer and also request a statement from SIA.

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer is one of the few programs that doesn’t run by calendar year but a floating membership year dependent on the month of enrollment.

To remember what the case was about here a reminder what our reader Sarah wrote us about her current situation with Singapore Airlines:


I have problem with SINGAPORE AIRLINES as my membership year ends soon and I will be unable to reach my 50k level for Krisflyer Gold as SQ, Changi and most other airlines have ceased operations and no longer allow passengers. My Los Angeles trip has also been cancelled which would have conveniently pushed me over the 50k to Gold. …

My previous article from early April has the entire correspondence which followed between the customer and Singapore Airlines. It was not helpful in the least and I decided to probe Singapore Airlines what they are planning to do about this situation of members who get caught x amount of miles short of status qualification while the airline and country is shut down.

We previously reported about KrisFlyer extending status for select members but this apparently only concerned those located in Singapore.

Since then and as of last month Singapore has been completely sealed off including no longer allowing transit passengers and grounded most of the Singapore Airlines fleet, cutting capacity by 96%.

After contacting SIA Press Office with the case of our reader I received the following reply:

“Our current initiative aims to assist members to renew their existing KrisFlyer Elite (Gold and Silver) membership status. Singapore Airlines will continue to monitor the evolving situation and review how we support our members.”

Well thanks for nothing I guess as this didn’t answer my question related to this case in the slightest.

My response was accordingly:

Dear all,

thank you for your reply but that was not my question or the problem of the reader.

Due to the fact that Singapore Airlines has a floating membership year and not a calendar year count those members who will need to qualify for example in March/April/May will currently be unable to do so because there are no flights.

In the case of the reader she is apparently stuck at 42,000 miles of the 50,000 required with several flights cancelled.

The solution Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer provides is good for members who already have their qualified status but it doesn’t address the problem many members have who currently can’t fly and are short of their threshold. Many airlines are reducing the requirements right now but apparently KrisFlyer refuses to do so. Why is that?

Please get in touch with KrisFlyer Management and provide us with a reply in this regard. …

There was no reply forthcoming which honestly didn’t surprise me. This was on April 2nd.

The same day our reader did however receive another reply from KrisFlyer Membership Services, likely in follow up to our inquiry:

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are pleased to inform you that we have sent your enquiry to relevant department once again and now your membership status has been granted to KrisFlyer Elite Gold.

Your KrisFlyer Elite Gold will be ended on 31 Mar 2021.

For further assistance please do not hesitate contact us.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Nutcharee S.
Singapore Airlines Limited

Nice outcome, although without pressure it would likely have gone nowhere.

The member received a welcome email short after:

This will definitely help our reader over the next year in case airlines will finally start flying again at some point. Of course if things remain grounded then it’s not much of a deal unless they auto-extend the membership of all members.


I’m happy that with a bit of probing we were able to help this reader to get her Gold status locked in. It wasn’t an unreasonable request in my opinion, she was already 84% there and that was 6 weeks prior to the end of her membership year. I’m not sure SIA is doing themselves a favor by creating these situations through their inflexibility and random membership years. One coherent policy that deals with this exact situation would be a better fix. Same like BAEC reduced the required points for everybody by 30%.

While we aren’t a consumer advocate handler and can’t take on random cases I often do write emails to companies in order to help out certain readers if I feel it serves a common purpose and is of interest to our other readers when we publish the outcome here on LoyaltyLobby. Glad this one worked out and if you are in the same situation I suggest to contact SIA KF Membership Services directly if you have a decent case to make (don’t contact them if you’re 50% away from your next status level).