Marriott’s Commitment to Cleanliness-Email


Marriott informed about its updated cleaning standards two weeks ago (read more here), and yesterday got an email out to some guests and loyalty program members.

There is also a video demonstrating all the initiatives that are being implemented (endless cleaning everywhere) that is narrated by Bill Marriott himself.

You can access Marriott’s page for cleanliness initiates here.

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Here’s the video that Marriott released:

Here’s the email that was sent out:

Here are some screenshots from the video:


Doesn’t look very hospitable and why the guest is not wearing a mask?

Hand sanitizing stands will be everywhere.

Not sure what was the purpose of putting your (what looked like a) phone to this equipment and then touching it multiple times.

Elevators are sanitized.

There should be cleaning wipes available in all rooms.

Here what Marriott told us two weeks ago:

Marriott Cleaning

Marriott New Cleanliness Initiatives Due To Covid-19


This makes you wonder how rigorous cleaning standards were in place until the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world?

Marriott has been in the process of trying to offload housekeeping team members by introducing all kinds of “Green” initiatives where rooms are only cleaned every few days or not at all during the guest’s stay.

Considering how much swiping, fumigation and all other time-consuming initiatives you see on that video, Marriott hotels must be in the process of at least doubling the number of staff members that do cleaning, or otherwise this is just PR trying to assure guests that at least something is done whether it is helpful or not.

I am not sure if I am happy with front desks that look like check cashing/payday loan shops. You shouldn’t remove hospitality from the hotel business.

I am close to 100% sure that the hotels and guests promptly forget all this once the pandemic is over and we are back to the same cleanliness levels as just four months ago.

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