UK To Institute 14-Day Arrivals Quarantine


The United Kingdom is expected to institute a mandatory 14-day quarantine for all arrivals, including citizens and residents, starting from late May or early June.

The 14-day quarantine should be observed at a private residence. You are required to provide the address upon arrival.

Here’s an excerpt from the BBC (access their piece here):

UK airlines say they have been told the government will bring in a 14-day quarantine for anyone arriving in the UK from any country apart from the Republic of Ireland in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The new restriction is expected to take effect at the end of this month. People arriving in the UK would have to self-isolate at a private residence.

Industry body Airlines UK said the policy needed “a credible exit plan” and should be reviewed weekly.

It is not clear how long the new travel restriction would be in place and whether non-UK residents would be allowed to stay in rented private accommodation.

And here’s from the Guardian (access their piece here):

Travellers into the UK will be quarantined for two weeks when they arrive as part of measures to prevent a second peak of the coronavirus pandemic, Boris Johnson is expected to say on Sunday.

In his address to the nation, when he will present his roadmap out of the lockdown, he will announce the introduction of quarantine measures for people who arrive at airports, ports and Eurostar train stations, including for Britons returning from abroad.

The measures are due to start in June. Travellers from the Channel Islands, Ireland and the Isle of Man will be exempt and it is understood key workers and lorry drivers bringing in goods would also be exempt from the requirements.


This will effectively kill all non-necessary foreign travel TO or FROM the United Kingdom. Doubt that many can quarantine 14 days when coming back home or when going to visit the UK.

As I have pointed out earlier, it is complicated to plan any foreign travel until this Covid-19 pandemic is over and herd immunity reached (either by a vaccine or after the virus has gone through the population).

This certainly will affect British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, EasyJet, and Ryanair. Difficult to see any significant need for any of their flights before this quarantine requirement is gone not only from the UK but other countries too that have instituted similar requirements.

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