LATAM Pass Lowers Qualification Requirements & Points Expiry Change


LATAM Pass has previously announced its 12-months long status extensions for elite members (read more here).

The airline has now changed the elite qualification requirement for those wishing to up their tiers this year, and extended points expiry.

You can access LATAM’s page for Covid-19 response here.

Elite Qualification Requirement:

  • Members wishing to qualify in 2020 can do so with 30% fewer points.

Here are the usual elite requirements:

LATAM Pass Points Expiry:

  • LATAM is only extending points expiring in March, April, and May by 90 days that is inadequate.

Here’s the email that LATAM sent to members:

Here’s LATAM’s Elite extension policy:

LATAM Pass Extends Elite Tiers By 12 Months


LATAM and LATAM Pass haven’t yet cleaned up the website from all Oneworld related references. The airline exited the alliance on May 1.

The elite status requirements for various levels with LATAM are way too high and benefits negligible, especially now that official Oneworld affiliation is dead. However, the airline intends to continue to have reciprocal outside of an alliance with most excluding American Airlines.