Marriott Bonvoy Off Peak/Standard/Peak Pricing Getting Out Of Control?


A LoyaltyLobby reader tagged us to a Tweet regarding Marriott Bonvoy award pricing getting out of control.

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Here’s the note from the reader:

some DP how bad @MarriottBonvoy is getting with their peak & off-peak pricing. From Sep to Apr (7mo) Courtyard in REP has 2 days at off peak & 100+ days at peak. Four Points in DAD has 1 day off-peak & 90+ days at peak. #bonvoyed

When Marriott launched the Off-Peak, Standard, and Peak award pricing, their line was that there will be roughly the same number of each and that the overall pricing wouldn’t change. But this now appears to be another promise broken (no surprise here).

I decided to go through the award pricing for these two hotels:

Courtyard Siem Reap

Only 9% Off Peak while 34% are Peak?

Four Points Danang

It is even worse at the Four Points in Danang. There are only 2% Off Peak dates, while 32% are Peak.


You would imagine that these hotels in Cambodia and Vietnam would be Off-Peak for the foreseeable future instead of Standard and Peak. Nevertheless, the number of Off-Peak days at both properties is way off.

Have you noticed similar anomalies (or perhaps program features) at other hotels where Peak way outnumbers Off-Peak? Leave a comment below or get back to us.

I find it very unfortunate that Marriott has their yearly award category changes that are now compounded with the majority of Peak dates versus Off-Peak.