Spain Institutes 14-Day Quarantine For All Arrivals


Spanish government today issued new Covid-19 regulations that were published in an official gazette and effective this Friday (May 15, 2020).

All arrivals to Spain are required to self-quarantine for 14 days. The quarantine address must be provided at the time of entry, and you may be contacted during the quarantine.

Note that this won’t change the fact that only Spanish citizens and residents are currently allowed to enter the country. No tourists.

Here’s an excerpt from the Local (access their piece here):

From Friday May 15th new arrivals will have to agree to self-isolate within their home or booked accommodation for 14 days.

The quarantine conditions will be applied regardless of what phase of de-escalation their province is in.

However, this does not mean that Spain is opening up its borders to international travellers.

Currently the borders, both land and air are closed to all except Spanish citizens, those who are legally resident in Spain, frontier workers or those who can prove “exceptional reason” to enter Spain.

The require to quarantine will be in place from Friday and will last throughout the State of Emergency, which is currently set to continue until May 23rd, although the government has expressed its intention to extend yet again.


Here’s an excerpt from the El Pais (access their piece here):

During the quarantine period, anyone coming into Spanish territory from another country will have to remain inside their home or rented lodgings. Trips outside will be limited to the purchase of essential products such as food and medicine, to seek medical assistance, and for other situations of urgent necessity. Face masks must be worn at all times.

Health authorities may contact individuals in quarantine to check on their health status, and anyone who develops symptoms is instructed to call the regional health services.

Travel agencies and transportation companies will have to inform prospective customers about these requirements when travel arrangements are made. Airlines will provide customers with a Passenger Location Card that passengers must have with them when they enter Spain.

Here’s the gazette:

Download (PDF, 230KB)


I guess that this means that Spain will slowly start opening its borders for arrivals and departures, but you may need to quarantine for 14 days.

Not sure why they released this regulation now when you cannot even enter the country unless you have a Spanish passport or live there?

It could be that once they slowly relax the quarantine requirements inside the country (you have not been allowed to roam, and most businesses have been closed), arrivals are still quarantined.

There was some chatter last week that Spain would be closed for international arrivals through until October (read more here). I am sure that Spanish tourism-related businesses are trying to push the government to allow foreign visitors without quarantine as soon as possible and before the European summer season begins in July/August.