EU Commission: Passengers Are Eligible For CASH Refunds


European Union Commission today reiterated that passengers are eligible for cash refunds for delayed and canceled flights per EC 261/2004 and they don’t have to settle for vouchers or credits that more than 12 countries are trying to push instead.

Commission has sent a letter to more than 12 countries reminding them about this requirement, and may take legal action if this is not corrected

You can access EU’s page for Passenger Rights here.

Here’s the guidance what EU released about vouchers today:

Download (PDF, 187KB)

Here’s EU’s update on Passengers Rights (this was released in March):

European Union EC 261/2004 Legislation & Coronavirus Pandemic

Several countries have tried to force Passengers accept vouchers:

Select EU Countries Want Commission To Allow Airlines To Issues Vouchers


I am glad that the EU again clarified their position on the press conference held today and that these more than 12 countries are in violation of the EU law.

Countries are welcomed to back up any possible vouchers if consumers are willing to accept them. Why wouldn’t travel providers offer something extra to make them more compelling option?.

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