Whine Wednesday: Credit Card Fraud


It was this past January when I found out in Zurich that someone was charging my American Express card on a website (read more here) in the United States (this card was on file with BA whose systems were compromised).

Then last week, I was in Kyoto when I received an email from Capital One that someone had tried to make a purchase on Saks’ website and turned out that they had tried to buy something from Adidas too.

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I cannot get my head around where this specific card would have been compromised? It is on file for some subscription payments, and I have never even swiped it.

It was rather easy with Capital One because they hadn’t approved either of the two fraudulent purchases. The new card number populated on the app, and the physical one is on its way to my address in the States.

There really should be some better way to confirm online purchases. Not many US issuers have enabled Visa Secured (previously Verified by Visa) that requires you to confirm the purchase using a password, SMS, or some other mean (a requirement in Europe).