Australia Reinstates International To International Transit Facility


Australian Border Force announced today that the country would again welcome transit passengers that have connecting flights and won’t leave the airport.

Pacific Island Forum and New Zealand citizens are allowed to transit for 72 hours (and leave the airport). There have been talks about Australia – New Zealand travel bubble introduced in due course.

Here’s the announcement that the Border Force made on Twitter:


Australia has allowed some connecting passengers even during the pandemic who were transiting to/from New Zealand and some pacific islands. Allowing international transits is a first step opening up the border for broader travel.

Australia and New Zealand have been able to contain the Covid-19 well and are in the process of, based on the media reports, opening a travel bubble between these two countries.

Allowing transits at this point is close to theoretical considering the lack of international flights to/from Australia. I would imagine that this transit facility is mostly useful for those trying to head to the Pacific as their only flights are often from Australia and New Zealand.