Lufthansa Miles&More Status & eVoucher Extension Preview, Program Revamp Postponed Until 2022


There have been some leaks regarding the Lufthansa Miles&More program and their extension policy for status customers as well as expiring eVouchers stored in customers account.

Lufthansa (according to the information out there) will also shelve the revamp of the M&M program for at least another year until January 2022.

As of this time there are no official statements or mailers yet but from what is available in the public domain such as this Flyertalk thread it’s a policy that will only benefit part of the Miles&More status customer base due to their rather irregular qualification schedule.

Here is a summary of what is forthcoming for members of M&M:

  • Members whose status expires in February 2021 will now be extended for one more year until 02/22
  • This mean status customers (FTL/SEN/HON) who didn’t manage to qualify in 2019/2020 will benefit
  • eVouchers in the members account that would expire in 2020/2021 will be extended til Dec 31, 2022
  • No concessions are being made for members not included in this group referenced above
  • Lufthansa will postpone announced changes to the M&M program until at least Jan 01, 2022

Considering there is no official announcement from Lufthansa yet that can be provided as de facto reference take the above with a grain of salt but those are the conditions which will likely be the cornerstones of Lufthansa’s policy.

Edit: This morning I received the following (sparse) email from Miles&More:

There is still no update on the website or elsewhere with more detailed information.

Under it’s current version Miles&More has a very unique qualification system for their program. For example it’s possible to qualify two years in a row and then the status is good for four years but that also leads to so called “lapse years” where no matter how many miles you fly and credit it has no effect on your status except for HON Circle miles.

Many of those who find themselves in the position of being already qualified until 02/2022 and therefore out of the target group for these status extensions will be upset about this.

Another question is how this will affect HON Circle members who usually need to acquire 600,000 HON Circle miles within a two year period. Will their miles from 2019/2020 be retained for another year?

At least one positive aspect comes out of it as members will have the opportunity to qualify once more under the old (existing) program conditions since LH apparently plans to institute the program revamp before January 2022. Hopefully not too many people have booked various exotic mileage runs for the first months of 2021 in order to obtain tier points or those will find themselves with a lot of useless tickets to North Africa on their hands.


Should this system as leaked out really prevail as the final version I’d consider this way too complicated and likely offending many customers. Why not extend everybody +1 year and be done with it? Instead this system appears to have been designed by overzealous accountants rather than loyalty experts.

From a logic standpoint I do however get the point of it. Someone who has his status safe until 2022 and beyond isn’t that much affected by what Coronavirus does in 2020. They can still fly and requalify in 2021 assuming things are back to normal at some point. Does it feel fair? Probably not. But does it make sense? I’d say yes.

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