Why You Should Decline Orbitz Voucher With A Bonus Instead Of Refund?


Orbitz used to be an independent OTA based in Chicago, but Expedia now owns it among numerous other brands such as Travelocity and CheapTickets.

The booking experiences on these various sites are identical, as there are merely skins of Expedia’s flagship site with sometimes different prices, coupons, and loyalty benefits (Orbits versus Expedia rewards).

You can use Obitz here.

I use OTAs or travel agents for all independent hotel bookings or those that don’t have a loyalty program or with which I am not a member of.

I made a fully refundable albeit prepaid booking for a hotel stay in Mykonos for late June back in November (with a good coupon discount) that I ended up canceling last Saturday.

Today, I received the email above from Orbitz and an SMS message with some funny text merging issues.

I could have entertained the option of getting my money back at 15% bonus in ORBUCKS but not as Orbitz COUPON and here are the reasons why

1. You must use the coupon at once (no residual value)

– You can only use the coupon for one hotel booking. Any residual value would be lost.

2. You cannot use discount codes

– Orbitz often has 10% to 15% off discount codes that you CANNOT combine with coupons. You may get a 15% bonus, but you lose it because you cannot use code.

3. You cannot use it for all hotels

– You could only use the coupon towards a booking that can be prepaid.

4. You cannot utilize the Best Rate Guarantee

– You cannot file for Best Rate Guarantee if you have used a coupon.


Expedia has had the money for this booking since November. However, they were not going to pay to the hotel anything until either the cancellation deadline or when I was going to check-in. Hotels charge these prepaid stays to one-time use credit card numbers that Expedia provides.

Expedia and all of its various skins have failed to process refunds for airline ticket refunds properly. I hope that the DOT and lawyers go after the group and make them pay up for all the money essentially stolen from the consumers.

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