Hamad International Airport (Doha) Enhanced Screening & Cleanliness Initiatives


Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar Airways base, today released interesting information about how they try to be ready for the post-Covid19-travel (I would argue that to travel DURING the pandemic).

The airport has thermal scanners to measure the temperature of passengers and employees. There will be automated checks that masks are on, and UV robots are roaming around the terminal. Checked baggage is UV’ed too, and hand sanitizer stations are available for passengers.

You can access Qatar Airways here.

Here’s video Hamad International released:

Here are photos from Hamad

Some of the highlights from the video:

Here’s the release from the airport:

Qatar’s International Airport implements new technology in preparation for Post-Covid-19 Era

Hamad International Airport (HIA), has implemented the latest technologies to optimize passenger and employee safety in preparation for post-COVID-19 travel. The airport will be using robotics and advanced thermal screening helmets as part of the measures being introduced for the Post-COVID-19 era.

Engr. Badr Mohammed Al Meer, Chief Operating Officer at Hamad International Airport said: “HIA has adapted to the changes brought on by the spread of COVID-19 on the world, especially on the travel sector. Recovery plans have been put in place with priority given to the safety and comfort of travelers and employees. These plans include the use of the latest advanced technology to achieve the highest safety standards for the future travel experience.

Using the latest technology and tools, HIA will continue to conduct thermal screening and disinfection procedures for all staff and passengers. Travellers at HIA will be screened using thermal and temperature screening. The Smart Screening Helmet is a wearable intelligent helmet, which is portable, safe and effective, and enables contactless temperature measurement. This helmet uses multiple advanced technologies such as infrared thermal imaging, artificial intelligence and AR (augmented reality) display. It can also enable implementation of mobile deployment-based control scenarios.

HIA has also invested in disinfectant robots, which are fully autonomous mobile devices emitting concentrated UV-C light, which are known to be effective in eliminating majority of infectious microorganisms. The robots are being deployed in vulnerable high passenger flow areas to reduce the spread of pathogens.

All passengers will be provided with hand sanitisers readily available at key locations. The airport will continue to maintain 1.5m social distancing across all passenger touch points around the airport, through floor markings, signage and distance seating. All HIA retail and food and beverage outlets will encourage cashless transactions through cards and is considering introducing online or in-app purchases in the future.

Furthermore, HIA has invested in ultraviolet disinfection tunnels that will be used to disinfect all checked-in passenger luggage (departing, arriving and transferring). The airport will also conduct regular disinfection of all baggage trolleys and tubs.

The five-star airport is keen on the safety of its employees by emphasizing the use of masks and gloves and using a face mask detection system which utilises artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies to automatically detect if everyone is wearing masks. The airport will continue cleaning and disinfecting all high contact areas every 10-15 minutes, while making sure everyone has access to hand sanitizers.

Yesterday Qatar Airways released information about its in-flight service during Covid-19:

Qatar Airways Service Update (Actual Downgrades?)


You have to say that traveling, at least in the short/medium-term, has become a hassle and perhaps not worth for leisure passengers considering all the obstacles before, during, and after the trip.

It is interesting to see how Qatar Airways’ home airport has prepared to the passenger traffic that will slowly rebuild from the current slump once the travel restrictions and entry bans are gradually lifted.

I just hope that airports, airlines, and hotels wouldn’t take all the fun out of traveling.

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