Marriott App Cryptic Message?


Many, if not all that have opened Marriott Bonvoy app today have been presented with a screen that they must accept before proceeding.

The issue is that, despite your language preferences, the screen is entirely in Mandarin. The text deals with privacy issues that you sign away by clicking through.

You can access Marriott Bonvoy here.

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UPDATE: Here’s the response we received from Marriott:

this is the privacy reminder. Push the button and it will go away.

Here’s what Google image translation tells:

These are some serious privacy issues that you need to accept, including the “secret” Marriott Policy.

Marriott had one of its legacy databases compromised, and billions of records stolen:

Marriott Facing $124M Fine From EU Over Data Breach

Then a few months ago, one property was leaking and millions of customer records compromised:

Marriott Hack March 2020

Marriott Data Breach 5.2 Million Guests Affected


It is worrisome that Marriott likely unintentionally pushed privacy policy updates in a language that members may not understand. Why would they send this to everyone in Chinese, including those that are not in the mainland?

My first thought was when I saw this if Marriott had its app hacked, and someone was on a phishing expedition. I have been in touch with Marriott regarding this, and I will update this piece when I get more information.

My advice is not to proceed if you are presented with the screen above, but rather just close the app.