[Breaking News] Pakistan International Airlines flight crashes near Karachi airport


Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight 8303 en route from Lahore has crashed shortly before landing near Karachi International Airport.

Image: LoyaltyLobby

The Airbus A320, carrying 90 passengers and 8 crew, went down in what looks like a densely populated residential area – Jinnah Garden area near Model Colony, just minutes away from Jinnah International Airport.

You can access NDTV coverage of the accident here.

There are reports of some 25 residents of the area injured in the crash and taken to hospitals. There is no official information about a victims count (including neighbourhood residents) or a survivors list yet.

Some videos of the vicinities of the crash site have popped up on Twitter signalling there is an active fire due to the fuel spill.



PIA has a dire record when it comes to fatal flight accidents. According to PlaneCrashInfo, the airline has a 1266% above average accident rate than other airlines (check this Wikipedia page for a complete list). Although it’s too early to speculate with possible causes, given their safety  record I wouldn’t expect mayor surprises.

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