My Marriott eGiftCards Finally Arrived


Marriott launched an offer the other Monday (read more here) to get some much-needed cash by selling electronic Gift Cards at a discount for 7-days that ended eight days ago.

Members were able to buy an unlimited number (only per purchase limit) at 20% off that can be used for all expenses at hotels. Marriott changed the delivery estimate of these electronic gift cards twice from 1 – 3 days to 1 – 7 and then to 9 (read more here and here).

You can access Marriott Bonvoy here.

READ MORE: Marriott Bonvoy Rate & Bonus Points Promotions

Well. My five $1,000 gift cards (paid $4K) arrived as separate emails on Saturday morning with a headline “Your Marriott eGiftCard.”

Here’s the text of the email:


It probably makes sense to register these gift cards on the Marriott website where you can track their balances and replace if lost.

I could have paid one stay using these gift cards had they been delivered per the original schedule after the purchase. Not a huge loss. I will use these by fall.

Let’s hope that this gift card sale becomes a yearly tradition again.

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