UPDATE: Qatar Airways Privilege Club Status Match (Response)


Qatar Airways launched a status match offer last month (read more here) to get members to sign up for ts Privilege Club-program from competing airlines.

As is often the case with Qatar Airways, the airline first launched the offer, then promptly took it offline, and reintroduced it a day later. Not sure what was going on.

You can access Qatar Airways here.

Qatar Airways has sent out messages to select members that have applied towards this program.

Here’s an email that a reader sent to us:

Email from Qatar Airways:

Step 1 login and go here:

Step 2.  In Contact Center scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the message:



Thank you for your email requesting tier status match.

We have received the documents provided from your end. However, the card expiry shown as May 2020 and The card should still be valid for us to review your request further. hence we kindly request you to send us a scrrenshot with the exact date of expiry.

We also are unable to verify your name on the account statements.

Therefore, we request you to provide below requested documents (not screenshots) for us to review your request further.

1. Copy of your Kris flyer Frequent Flyer Membership card showing your name and account number. (The card should still be valid).
2. Copy of the Frequent Flyer account statement from Kris flyer showing your name, tier and the account number. (Latest statement).
3. Name on your Kris flyer Frequent Flyer membership should match with Privilege Club account details

Kindly ensure to send all the above documents at statusmatch@qmiles.com from your registered email address.

Thank you for your understanding in this regard. We look forward to hear from you.

Privilege Club


Privilege Club is not exactly the most generous frequent flier program out there. It has been somewhat unstable when it comes to “enhancements,” such as disabling certain online functions, not allowing calling in award redemptions (only by email), and changing the number of miles required for awards overnight without any advance notice.

This program, however, could have made sense for someone having status with one of the matched airlines but without Oneworld one.

Let’s see how long it takes for the matches to be processed. Why email someone to log into their account to read a message to Qatar Airways? Quite burdensome.