Malaysia Airlines Enrich Offers 10% Bonus Elite Miles For All Credit Card Points Transfers Until June 30, 2020

Malaysia Airlines Enrich has a new promotion offering 10% Bonus Elite Miles to fast track members elite status for all credit card points transfers until June 30, 2020.

All transfers from participating banks/credit cards will earn a unique 10% bonus in the form of elite miles that will fast track the accounts Enrich status to the next level(s).

This promotion comes as Malaysia Airlines is still refusing to publish a complimentary status extension for all their current elite members or reduced qualification threshold for 2020.

At the same time Enrich is trying to hawk miles to corporate customers in Malaysia in an attempt to at least keep some sales going in a period where Malaysians aren’t allowed to get on a flight without a police clearance certificate as per MH’s travel notice.

You can access the credit card transfer promotion here.

Here’s your chance to boost your miles and fast track your Elite status!

From now until 30 June 2020, start converting your credit card points* with an array of bank partners and earn 10% Bonus Elite Miles. Earn more Elite Miles to enjoy the benefits that come with your Enrich Silver, Gold and Platinum membership. Be recognised across all oneworld@ member airlines with your coveted oneworld status and indulge in even more privileges when you travel.

Also, with your newly collected Enrich Miles, you can enjoy multiple rewards such as seat upgrades, lounge access and plan for your future travels.

To qualify for the Bonus Elite Miles, convert from as low as 2,000 Enrich Miles till a maximum capping of 100,000 Enrich Miles.

10% of the total transfer aren’t exactly a lot of elite miles, especially in times where it’s probably not a good decision to transfers tons of credit card points that are relatively safe to an airline program such as Enrich.

Here is the conversion chart as provided by MH:

Enrich has the following thresholds for their status levels:

  • Enrich Silver 25,000 miles
  • Enrich Gold 50,000 miles
  • Enrich Platinum 100,000 miles

This shows that it’s pretty much impossible to really get anywhere with points transfers unless you have huge balances of points with your credit card and would be willing to move them to Enrich.

It can make sense to use this if a member is short before reaching the next status threshold but otherwise I’d stay away.


Malaysia Airlines should do the right thing and extend their members status for free like all the other airlines did instead of trying to bait people into these points transfers in order to turn a quick buck (banks have to pay Enrich/MH for the transfer) for a tiny 10% Elite miles boost.

Nobody knows when it will be possible again to travel in/out of Malaysia or even go on domestic trips. Adding several hundred thousand miles to my Enrich account wouldn’t be a decision I’d like to make right now without having a clear idea of how to use these points in the future.

They made a full sheet available showcasing participating banks and outlining the T&C:

Download (PDF, 324KB)