Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Is Back!

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club was having some serious technical issues for close to two weeks (Sebastian covered them yesterday – read more here) that prevented anyone from accessing their accounts.

These technical issues have been resolved, for now, and Flying Club members can again logging into their accounts and review past transactions.

You can access Virgin Atlantic here.

Account Activity:

Not sure if there is an issue with past transactions, however? I made a redemption a few weeks back, and the deduction is not shown, albeit the miles (120K) were removed.

Here’s a piece about my Flying Club redemption experience:

JAL & ANA First Class Awards Using American & Virgin Atlantic Miles


Let’s all hope that Virgin Atlantic can pull it through and finds some extra cash to keep operating if only to keep British Airlines at Heathrow in check.

You can understand that there are occasional glitches with member accounts, but this must have been very serious because it went to close to two weeks. Glad that it was sorted out.