Closure Plans Scrapped: Berlin Tegel Airport To Stay Open Until November 8, 2020


The up and down with Berlin’s airports continues with the most recent development being that Tegel Airport has withdrawn their closure application and intends to remain open until November 8th.

The plan to close Tegel on June 1, then June 15 has finally been scrapped after operators suddenly say rising demand again after air traffic at TXL was previously thought to be dead.

According to airport management the current 17 flights per day would go up to over 100 by late July which would translate roughly 20,000 passengers per day. Based on distancing recommendations the earlier plan to handle all flights at the old Schoenefeld Airport couldn’t be managed in this volume.

Just three weeks ago Tegel’s management has given notice to their tenants and service partners that the airport would close on June 1st, a date that was later moved to June 15 and now pushed back to November. At least some things (such as total chaos) never change in Berlin.

The letter sent to all contract partners on May 13th and reiterates that the closure measure is temporary until July 31, 2020 but the option exists to extend this period indefinitely as per requirements.

All operations were scheduled to move from Tegel to Schoenefeld Airport which is located right next to the new BER Airport, a considerable distance from the city center. Schoenefeld has been used for budget carriers in recent years

The story about the new developments was reported yesterday evening from local news RBB (Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg).

Tegel’s airport manager says that since the German and European governments in several jurisdictions has began to ease restrictions related to the Coronavirus demand for air travel is going up again. The summer holiday season is also going to push travel volume up since southern European countries such as Greece, Portugal and Spain are expected to open again within a few weeks.

On average Tegel used to have 24 million passengers annually but this year this is going to shrink dramatically for obvious reasons. Airport management hopes to cross the 10 Million mark before finally shutting it’s doors on November 8th.


As I mentioned in previous articles nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to Berlin and their local politics including airport management. Decisions are being made and then later revised on almost a weekly basis.

BER Airport is finally set to open on October 31st 2020 but then again how often have we now been given different dates that have come and gone related to airport operations in Berlin?