Lufthansa Reopens Lounge Services As “One Class” At Both Frankfurt & Munich Airport

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Lufthansa has began to offer a very basic lounge service again at both Frankfurt and Munich Airport with one single lounge for all customers regardless of their status level.

Apart from the location challenges there is also very limited catering which – according to a Lufthansa email – consists of only water and “small snacks”.

Frankfurt Airport and even Munich Airport are both quite large so this “one for all” concept which concentrates every single customer entitled to lounge access at just one location is rather difficult depending on how well the airport is planning the use of gates.

You can access Lufthansa’s lounge policy website here to red about their current options.

The following Lufthansa Group Lounges are currently available to you:

  • Frankfurt – Senator Lounge, Terminal 1 Area A
  • Munich – Business Lounge, Terminal 2 Schengen Area
  • Newark – Lufthansa Lounge, Gate Level near the departure gates 60 – 68

The lounges will initially be available to all premium and status guests. The access authorisations linked to the booking class of the flight ticket or the privileges of the customer card will apply.

The product range within the lounges will be adapted to the current possibilities, taking into account current requirements. In particular, the range of food and beverages is affected by this and is either not available or only available to a very limited extent.

Furthermore, the lounges of our Star Alliance partners can be used as usual, provided they are open.

Now this alone sounds pretty harmless but the devil is in the detail that’s not described here.

Lufthansa has sent out the following email (in German, haven’t seen an English version yet) to their customers:

The essential parts of this email are:

  • Access to the lounge is available to all tiers FTL/SEN/HON/Star Gold + Business/First Class
  • Showers and Rest areas are closed
  • In addition to “small snacks” only water will be served as far as beverages are concerned
  • The lounge is available to a limited number of guests (whatever that means)
  • Passengers are asked to wear masks and keep distance between each other

I fail to see why the coronavirus has any impact on what kind of beverage can be served and why there isn’t an option to have any kind of soft drink, juice or a beer.

Are we able to at least have a choice between sparkling and still water? Otherwise maybe Lufthansa should just refer the customers to drink from the tab.


This has nothing to do with “safe operation” but a penny pinching attempt to implement cutbacks while blaming the Coronavirus for why it isn’t possible to serve one beverage while others aren’t available.

I’m not familiar with how FRA & MUC are currently utilizing their gates considering the low flight frequency. If all Lufthansa flights are handled from the A Gates in Frankfurt then this could work but usually there are lots of international non-Schengen flights especially from the B Gates. This would make it impossible to utilize the lounge prior to the flight. That being said is there really any reason to use it at all under the circumstances given?

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