Emirates Goes Ahead With Further Staff Cuts: 600 Pilots & 700 Cabin Crew Terminated

Emirates has initiated a second round of staff cuts after first reports three weeks ago that the airline would terminate the employment for 30% of their entire workforce.

According to regional news reports Emirates has just notified 700 cabin crew as well as 600 pilots that their employment will end after expiration of their notice period.

Emirates is currently in a transformation process that includes changes in their fleet, onboard product as well as the previously announced 30% cut of their entire workforce.

As Arabian Business reported today this round of layoffs affects mostly those staff in training and crew assigned to the A380 fleet which as Emirates previously announced would not see much service in the near time to come.

Emirates has laid off over a thousand employees including 700 cabin crew and 600 pilots, most of whom flew the superjumbo Airbus A380 or were in training for type-rating the aircraft, sources familiar with the matter told Arabian Business.

“We have endeavored to sustain the current family as is… but have come to the conclusion that we unfortunately have to say goodbye to a few of the wonderful people that worked with us,” the airline said in an email to staff.

In a statement to Arabian Business, Emirates said: “As previously communicated, we at Emirates have been doing everything possible to retain the talented people that make up our workforce for as long as we can. However, given the significant impact that the pandemic has had on our business, we simply cannot sustain excess resources and have to right size our workforce in line with our reduced operations.

“After reviewing all scenarios and options, we deeply regret that we have to let some of our people go. This was a very difficult decision and not one that we took lightly. The company is doing everything possible to protect the workforce wherever we can. Where we are forced to take tough decisions we will treat people with fairness and respect. We will work with impacted employees to provide them with all possible support.” …

As we wrote in mid May, EK reportedly made several decisions including stopping airport testing for Covid-19 effective immediately as the results are inaccurate while also sending 40 of their A380s into early retirement and also fire 30k staff. This round of layoffs appears to be the second wave after the last one affected mostly new hires.

Work contracts require Emirates to give a 30 day notice to cabin crew and 90 days to pilots after which the employee has a grace period to get their affairs in order and leave the country per visa regulations (unless they can find a new job and have their visa changed).


It’s kinda sad because I always found Emirates crew to be hard working and motivated in their job. I rarely had a bad experience when it comes to Emirates flights as far as service is concerned. These cuts are definitely going to be painful for many former and current employees (there will be pay cuts across the board) but right now airlines have no business volume so downsizing is the only way to stay alive.

Emirates has been holding out long in terms of these decisions but Tim Clarke has already spoken months ago about the end of the A380 era and for obvious reasons the Corona crisis has sadly just sped up this decision as an empty A380 is a money burner. The A380 is still my favorite aircraft for passenger comfort. He did however also say that Emirates will keep flying them so it’s not a goodbye forever (yet).