Towel Change By Request Only? Case: Hyatt Regency Yokohama


You often see notes at hotels that request you to throw towels that you would like to be exchanged on the bathroom floor or to place the note on the bed if you want the linens to be changed.

I have never, however, come across a note like the one above that instructs you to contact the front desk if you would like your towels and linens replaced more often than every three days.

You can access Hyatt Regency Yokohama’s website here.

Here’s a note that you often see:

Here’s a video of the suite I had there:


I wasn’t aware that I should use towels more than once. I make it easy, however, for the housekeeping as I always leave the used ones on the floor.

Once during my week-long stay, I asked the front desk to refresh the linens, although I am sure that they did it on some other day(s) too.

I feel though that it is a bit unreasonable at a full-service hotel having to engage with the front desk about the towel and linen changes.

Remember when hotels used to give us extra points or F&B credit when we were willing to forgo the daily housekeeping? It seems that in no time we have to request or pay extra to have regular service even at the full-service hotels.