Cambodia Plans To Require $3,000 Deposit Payable At The Airport


Cambodia made some news late this week when the country’s Health Ministry indicated entry requirements for incoming tourists that would be soon implemented.

It seems that some countries are competing with each other who can have the most draconian and traveler unfriendly entry requirements.

Here’s an excerpt from the Khmer Times (access their piece here):

He instructed the Health Ministry to discuss with relevant banks the possibility of setting up offices at airport for foreigners to pay a $3,000 deposit.

The Health Ministry said in a statement that a foreigner will have to pay $5 for a single trip between the airport and the waiting centre, $100 for a COVID-19 test, $30 for a day’s stay at a hotel or at a waiting centre while waiting for the test results and $30 for three meals during their wait.

It added that if any passenger tests positive for COVID-19, those on the same flight will be quarantined for 14 days and each will be required to pay $100 for one test and $84 dollars a day to pay for the stay in a hotel or quarantine facility, meals, laundry, sanitary services, doctors and security services.

According to the statement, each COVID-19 positive patient will be required to pay $100 per test [maximum four tests] and $225 a day for the hospital room, medical treatment, meals, laundry and sanitary services. It added that in case of death, the cremation service charge is $1,500.To date Cambodia has 126 Coronavirus cases, most of which were imported.


You need to pay a $3,000 deposit at the airport upon arrival that will somehow be refunded at a later point in case you survive.

This sounds really crazy. Just merely being on the same flight with someone testing positive for Covid-19 will put you in self-paid government-mandated quarantine for 14-nights. But if you happen to die, the cremation costs are set at $1,500.

Perhaps this works with some business travelers who fly in on a private plane, but difficult to see this resulting in any significant number of incoming tourists.

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