Gate Gourmet Frozen Meal Sale!


Gate Gourmet, one of the worldwide caterers that supply a variety of airlines, has launched a frozen (economy) meal sale in Australia.

The public can buy breakfast, dinner, or combination sets at a reasonable price. All you need to do back home is to pop them inside the microwave or conventional oven, and your plane meal is ready!

You can access Gate Gourmet here.

Here’s what on sale:

Here are the locations:


A reader dropped us a note that these meals are perhaps “leftovers” from Hainan, Fiji, or Virgin Australia that don’t see any use for them for a while (and Hainan likely never).

It is rather responsible for the Gate Gourmet to sell these to the public rather than to trash them (which must have been in their minds as well). You can then create your airline experience back home, coupling the lunch or dinner with about the cheapest wine that you can buy from the store.

These economy meals are done in huge lots and then frozen for months (and they can last for years). I wonder how good they look when prepared at home?

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