Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles Buy Miles Up To 100% Bonus Through June 21, 2020


Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles has launched, what could be their first ever, miles sale for purchases made between June 11 – 21, 2020.

Non-elite members can buy miles at up to 80% bonus while Elite and Elite Plus member bonus is capped at 100%. You can buy up to 100,000 miles in a calendar year.

You can access this offer on the Turkish Airlines website here, and you can buy the miles on your Miles&Smiles dashboard here.

Price of a mile under this offer:

The price of 90,000 miles is $1,500. Elite members would get 100,000. The price of a mile at 80% bonus is 1.88 cents each and at 100% bonus 1.5 cents.


I find it fascinating that quite a few airlines have found a new venue to get cash in during this pandemic that they have previously neglected, selling miles with a bonus to loyalty program members.

I have friends who are members of Miles&Smiles, including out daily airfare author, who appear to be quite happy with the program.

Other mileage sales within Star could be better suited for those that wish to buy miles for premium awards. There could be some challenges, however, (at least there were) to book Star Alliance partner awards (jump through hoops). I would not buy these miles unless you are vested in the program.

Here are the terms and conditions of this sale:

All Miles&Smiles members can benefit from the purchasing Miles Campaign.

The campaign is valid for purchasing Miles transactions between June 11, 2020 and June 21, 2020.

Within the scope of the campaign;

For Classic and Classic Plus members;

Buy 2.500 – 19.999 Miles, get %40 extra Miles

Buy 20.000 – 49.999 Miles, get %60 extra Miles

Buy 50.000 and more Miles, get %80 extra Miles

For Elite and Elite Plus members;

Buy 2.500 – 19.999 Miles, get %60 extra Miles

Buy 20.000 – 49.999 Miles, get %80 extra Miles

Buy 50.000 and more Miles, get %100 extra Miles

In accordance with the Miles&Smiles terms and conditions, the members can purchase Miles for themselves or other members. During the campaign period, the members can purchase up to 100.000 Miles in a calendar year.

The minimum amount of Miles that can be purchased is 1.000.

The mileage value is applied TAX included as 30 USD for 1.000 Miles.

Miles purchased as Miles and the fees paid for this cannot be refunded under the campaign.

Extra Miles earned will be added collectively to member accounts until June 30, 2020.

Extra Miles earned within the scope of the offer will be expired on November 31, 2021.

Purchased Miles are not Status Miles.

Purchased Miles is subject to the Miles&Smiles program terms and conditions.

Turkish Airlines reserves the right to take legal action against the related parties found to have contravened any rules.

Turkish Airlines reserves the right to change terms and conditions, definitions and other information pertaining to the special offer and to cancel the offer at any time.