Spain Reopens To Schengen Arrivals On June 21, 2020 (Portugal Excluded)


The Spanish Prime Minister announced on Sunday that the country would bring forward the reopening its Schengen borders to June 21, 2020.

The border with Portugal will stay closed until July 1, 2020, by the request of the neighbor. The country will also start welcoming select other country nationals from July 1.

You have to keep in mind that Schengen includes countries (Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, and Liechtenstein) that are not part of the EU, and not all EU countries are part of Schengen.

Here’s an excerpt from the El Diario (access their piece here):

Spain will reopen the borders with the rest of the countries of the European common Schengen area on June 21, according to what Pedro Sánchez has communicated to the regional presidents, with whom he has held the fourteenth videoconference since the health emergency began. The idea is that the reopening coincides with the end of the state of alarm, which also restricts movements within Spanish territory.

Sánchez has transferred to the heads of the regional executives that the idea is that from July 1 the borders with third countries outside the Schengen territory will be reopened, although they are still waiting for Brussels to establish a list of restrictions of those states in its circulation to the European continent. The concern expressed by the Prime Minister is that the situation is already good in Europe, but it is critical in America and in closer countries such as Russia.


Spain was one of the worst-hit countries in Europe when it comes to Covid-19, and there were stringent limits on movements during the height of the pandemic.

Understandably, the country wants to reopen its borders to non-residents at the earliest opportunity to save whatever is possible of the summer tourism season. Let’s hope that this is the right action.

European Union and Schengen area countries still need to decide when the outside border is opened, and what, if any, countries are excluded.